How to connect Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) to TV

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How to connect to Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) to TV?

How to connect to Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) to TV?

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It is becoming increasingly important for users to know all the benefits of having a Smartphone , and connecting the mobile to the TV is no exception. Many times we want to see in large files that we have in our mobile, such as photographs, videos and even games, which we could share with our family group or group of friends if we wish, that is why we will teach you all the ways you have to Connecting a Samsung to the TV  , is a very simple and very useful method for those who want to expose their cellphone on a television screen.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 to TV

Samsung J7 Screen Mirroring

Connect a Samsung to TV:

There are many ways we have to connect our mobile to the TV, and that is why we will name all those that exist so that you see which is the most accommodating or the simplest for you.

Screen Mirroring Samsung J7

Connection  with HDMI cable:

It is the simplest alternative of all that we know, since you only need a cable and it is quite common to have it at home. The vast majority of Smartphones have a micro HDMI slot , this will allow to connect the cable to the mobile slot and the end to the TV . When a correct cable connection has been achieved, it is necessary to go to the TV configuration and go where the inputs appear. Within the category we must select the one that says HDMI . This way we could already see our Smartphone on a TV screen.

Connection with MHL:

It's a cable connection just like the previous one, but it's more common to have a mobile with MHL than micro HDMI, that's why we'll teach you how to do it. The great advantage of this connection is that you could access to watch videos with Full HD quality , therefore you will have a better experience on your TV in terms of the image. Doing this is pretty easy and fast, you just have to connect the small slot to the mobile and the big slot to the TV. When a successful connection has been made, you will be able to access your Smartphone on the screen.

Wireless Display on Samsung J7

Connecting with Chromecast:

It is a wireless connection , so you do not need anything more than a  mobile  and a TV to connect a Samsung to the TV. When you connect to Chromecast you have a custom remote control, this means that you will have access to programs, surf the Internet, play music, videos, manage volume, etc. Inside the mobile you could find Chromecast and if it is not in the virtual store you can do it and just enough that you download the application and you will be able to visualize your mobile through a television. This works with a link that is generated between both devices.

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